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Episode 6 – Anal Sex 101
Episode 3 – Straight for Straight
Episode 2 – Paraphilias
Episode 1 – Cookies and Consent
Episode 7 – Feminist Perspectives on Sex
Nuances of Consent
How to Ruin Sex Research
Rapid On-Set Gender Dysphoria
Sexual Harassment in the Field of Sex Research
Episode 6 – Anal Sex 101
Nuances of Consent
BTS STI and Stigma
BTS Anal Sex 101

Professor Joshua Corum & Dr. Victoria Hartmann will stir ingredients, talk sexuality and show off their crumpets and sticky buns in a one-of-a-kind online show sweeter than any you have ever imagined.

The hosts and special guests of our Baking Naked Show will draw from
topics of the most recent scientific studies on sexuality while creating
some of the most scrumdiddlyumptious confectionary goodies ever seen on the small screen. We hope you will join us for each episode of the Baking Naked Show.

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